We support our clients in meeting their business goals through effective use of IT systems.

We fulfill our mission through improving the quality of services and products we provide, while respecting our employees and our shareholders’ interest.

We provide companies with IT solutions which support them in meeting their business goals. We support our clients in making strategic decisions. We provide information about the condition of their company. We improve the processes in all areas of business activity. We streamline the information exchange.

Our main product, Macrologic ERP solution package, supports the following areas of business activity: Resource planning and recording (ERP), information and knowledge management (KM, CRM), management analysis (BI).

Macrologic ERP combines our knowledge, skills and the experience of using IT technologies in effective business management.

Software and ongoing support of consultants form one whole: Macrologic ERP - Zarządzanie Przedsiębiorstwem.